Fertility service

The Ketterthill Laboratory carries out a range of spermiology tests as part of couples’ infertility and sterility assessments.
Service fertilité

A space dedicated to couples’ fertility issues

Ketterthill Laboratory performs a range of sperm tests as part of infertility and infertility assessments for couples.

Our 4 dedicated laboratories (Belval, Luxembourg-Train Station, Luxembourg-Downtown and Mondorf-les-Bains) welcome you by appointment only.

*Appointments by phone (+352 488 288-1) are only valid for enrichment for intrauterine insemination. Appointments for all other fertility tests must be made exclusively online.

Analyses performed in the laboratory

Semen analysis

This is a medical biological examination of the various parameters that make up semen (ejaculate volume, semen color and viscosity, sperm count, vitality and mobility, etc.).

Cytological assessment of sperm

This is a medical examination corresponding to the cytological and morphological analysis of spermatozoa.

Migration and survival test

This test consists of observing the behavior of spermatozoa in order to select the most resistant and fertile for a medically assisted reproduction (MAP) procedure. The survival migration test is used to determine the most suitable MAP technique for the couple seeking to have a child.

Sperm preparation for intrauterine insemination

Intrauterine artificial insemination (IAC) with partner sperm involves injecting “prepared” sperm into the uterine cavity on the day of ovulation. Ovarian stimulation helps to control and improve ovulation.

Recommandations au patient en vue d'un prélèvement

Recommendations to the patient for sampling :

  • Collection is performed by masturbation in the laboratory.
  • Sexual abstinence for 2 to 7 days prior to analysis.
  • The bladder must be emptied prior to collection.
  • Collection should be carried out outside any febrile episode and at a distance from any antibiotic treatment (15 days).

Our other services

Service mobilité

Mobility Service

Prise de sang enfants

Blood test for children

Suivi grossesse

Pregnancy follow-up

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