Blood test for children

We understand the expectations of children and parents when it comes to blood sampling. That’s why we’ve adapted our blood sampling services for our youngest patients.

Prise de sang chez l'enfant

You’ll find a range of little details that make all the difference…

“Our nurses are trained to handle both the reception and the sampling of children. This approach makes the procedure more pleasant for the child, who may be anxious and frightened by the experience.

Some tests on the youngest children require extra time. To ensure optimal conditions, we recommend that you contact us for further information by telephone on 488 288-1.

How can I prepare my child for a blood test ?

prise de sang enfant- echange parent enfant

Children ask a lot of questions. Try to explain how the blood test appointment will take place using simple words.

prise de sang enfant- peluche jouet

Bring your child’s favourite toy or stuffed animal as a distraction

prise de sang enfant- rassurer

Your child will be reassured if you stay calm and relaxed as well

prise de sang enfant- creme

You can also apply a local anaesthetising cream or patch to the skin to reduce the pain. Talk about this option with your doctor or pharmacist.

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