Covid-19 - Screening tests


Covid-19 PCR tests 
ONLY on appointment*

*In dedicated labs
Mondays to Fridays afternoons

You need to carry out a serological test ? 
All our lab welcome you without an appointment.

Do you need an analysis?
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Preparing for your blood test

  • Generally speaking, we ask that you avoid physical activity for 24 hours prior to your blood test, as well as meals that are rich in sugar or fat. Eating certain foods may affect the results.If your prescription states ‘fasting’ or ‘nil by mouth’: the night before (nil by mouth for at least 8−12 hours):
    • Stop eating
    • Stop drinking alcoholic or sugary drinks
    • You can, however, drink water
    The day of the test:
    • Do not eat breakfast
    • However, you can drink water or a coffee with no sugar or milk

    If you have any doubts or further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our laboratory on (+352) 488 288-1.
  • Before you set off for the laboratory, remember to bring the following: 
    • The prescription from your doctor
    • Your CNS card and/or EHIC
     Certain tests will require additional documents: 
    • Genetic tests: proof of consultation and prior consent
    • Screening for Down’s syndrome in pregnant women: consent form completed by the doctor and signed by the patient, together with the most recent ultrasound report

    If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact our laboratory on (+352) 488 288-1.
  • The majority of results are available the same evening if the blood test was done in the morning. Certain tests may take longer, as is the case for bacteriological cultures, allergy testing or certain serological tests, for example. You will be told when to expect your results at the time of the test. 
    You have the following options for receiving your results:
    • Via our patient results server on your PC and/or smartphone with the KT App available for Iphone and Android.
    • In person − come to the blood collection centre with your CNS card, EHIC or ID

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