Dear patients, we thank you for not calling for your COVID-19 PCR tests results so as not to saturate our Call Center. The results will be directly communicated by SMS as soon as they become available.
Test covid19 in Luxembourg by appointment, PCR test COVID-19 take appointment


DO A COVID-19 PCR TEST (screening test for CORONAVIRUS) in Luxemburg

To do only a swab test 
PCR COVID-19 + influenza or RSV 

_ ONLY by appointment
_ In dedicated COVID-19* laboratories
_ From Monday to Friday from 12h to 16h
_ Mandatory medical prescription

To do a Swab test PCR COVID-19 + influenza or RSV + other analysis (blood test, urine collection...)

Our laboratories are open :
_ At the usual times.
_ No appointment required
_ Medical prescription is required
More informations :
For PCR tests for pre-op, please come 48 hours in advance :
_ in our laboratories open at the usual hours
_ in our COVID-19 reserved laboratories by appointment

* The laboratories remain open in the morning at the usual hours for your routine analyses.

I need to perform a COVID-19 PCR test (swab)
Which Ketterthill Laboratory do I have to go to ?


The time to return the results is 2 to 3 working days. In case of high demand, this time may be extended. 
Medical emergencies will be given priority, with a delay of 1 to 2 days. 
If the PCR test is positive, your doctor will be informed immediately.
If you have any questions regarding your healthcare, please contact your doctor.


You will receive your COVID-19 PCR TEST result by SMS (please make sure to give a valid mobile phone number during your visit). It will be indicated whether you are "Positive" or "Negative".
If the PCR test is positive, your doctor will be informed immediately.