Deadline for reporting results

Our deadline for reporting results is 1 to 3 working days (excluding Sundays and public holidays). 
Medical emergencies : Priority is given to emergencies with a deadline for reporting results from 1 to 2 days.


For organizational reasons, prescriptions sent by fax or in electronic format (e-mail or mobile phone) are not accepted. Please bring your printed prescription with you on your visit. 

Transmission of results

You will receive your Covid-19 PCR test result by SMS*.
It will be indicated whether you are "Positive" or "Negative".
*Please make sure to indicate a valid mobile phone n°

Need your results in English ?

For your convenience, our results are communicated in the following languages : 
_ French 
_ English

How to do a COVID-19 PCR test ?

The PCR screening performed on a nasopharyngeal swab allows the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus responsible for COVID-19 to be diagnosed reliably. 
If you are not a member of the CNS (Caisse Nationale de Santé) OR if you do not have a prescription OR if you carry out a test for personal convenience you will be charged €59.95 (analysis + sample).


For an operation/hospitalization, you have 2 options :
By appointment on afternoons OR without an appointment on mornings at usual times.
Please go to the lab at least 48 hours in advance. 

I need to carry out only a smear for COVID-19 PCR / influenza / RSV

I need to carry out a blood sample + a smear for COVID-19 PCR / influenza / RSV


How to do a serological test ?

This analysis is not covered by the CNS and is invoiced to patients at €31.28 (cost of analysis + sample)

Principe :  Detects the presence of antibodies in blood. 

Procedure : A small amount of blood is taken and the serum is analysed to see if it contains specific antibodies bound to Covid-19. 

Since 16 February 2021, our serology has been detecting antibodies produced by the disease or by vaccination (antibodies directed against protein S).

Do you have any questions about the Covid-19 serological test ? Discover our dedicated FAQ.