A space dedicated to the issues of couple's fertility

Ketterthill Laboratory offer a variety of spermatological exams for couples’ infertility and sterility workups.

Our 4 dedicated Laboratories (Belval, Luxembourg-station, Luxembourg-city and Mondorf-les-Bains) welcome you exclusively by appointment.


* The appointment by phone is only valid for enrichment for intrauterine insemination. Appointments for all other fertility tests must be made exclusively online.

Tests performed at the laboratory

Experienced and caring teams.

Our experienced and caring teams will support you in your process and help you make the best decisions.

for the patient

_ Semen samples must be obtained by masturbation at the laboratory
_ Sexual abstinence is required for between two and seven days prior to analysis
_ The bladder must be emptied prior to collectionl
_ Collection should not be carried out if the patient has a fever or has been following an antibiotic treatment within the past 15 days.


Other services

Blood tests for children

Our blood draw services are adapted to meet the needs of our youngest patients.

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Mobility service

Take your blood samples at home or in your workplace

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Pregnancy follow-up

We support you every step of the way through your pregnancy

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