Taking care of your child’s every need

We understand what children and their parents need during their blood draw appointments. That's why we’ve adapted our blood testing services to accommodate our very youngest patients. 
Our nurses are trained to collect blood from children - both in terms of making them feel comfortable and the actual procedure to make the experience more plaisant.

Some analyses in very young children require extra time. To ensure your appointment takes place under the very best conditions, we recommend calling us at 488 288-001 for additional information.

    • Children ask a lot of questions. Try to explain how the blood draw appointment will take place using simple words.
    • Bring your child's favourite toy or stuffed animal as a distraction.
    • Your child will be reassured if you stay calm and relaxed as well.
    • You can also apply a local anaesthetising cream or patch to the skin to reduce pain. Talk about this option with your doctor or pharmacist. They will provide your with advice.

“We pay attention to 
every little detail, 
which makes all 
the difference.”

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