Working at a medical laboratory

Founded in 1946 and drawing on the strength of more than 70 years’ experience in Luxembourg, Ketterthill Laboratory currently employ 300 people and represent 53% of market share in the private sector for medical tests.

The factors that set us apart from the rest are our strong and continued growth, our dynamic working environment, our ability to innovate and the quality of our services for our customers and patients.

Our Human Resources policy is centred on skills development and talent management. We strongly encourage multi-skilling and continuous learning through ample training opportunities.

Looking for a new career opportunity ? 

We regularly recruit new talent eager to support us in our development and looking for a wide variety of professional challenges.

A great place to work 

During the first year it participated in the ranking in 2018, Ketterthill Laboratory was listed as one of Luxembourg's top-ten best employers and was awarded the label “Great Place To Work - Best Workplaces”. This label was based on a survey that involved 250 laboratory employees. Our employees were asked to anonymously answer a series of questions on three main themes : 

_ Employees’ trust in their managers 
_ Employees’ pride in the services they provide 
_ Employees’ enjoyment in their workplace.

Formalities when working in Luxembourg

If you want to pursue a regulated healthcare profession in Luxembourg, you must first obtain authorisation. This can sometimes take several weeks, so we recommend that you begin the process before you even apply for a position at our laboratory.

  • Holders of qualifications awarded in Luxembourg for such healthcare professions should apply for Authorisation to Practise directly to:
     Ministère de la Santé
    Professions de Santé
    L-2935 Luxembourg
    You can apply for Authorisation to Practise via a form (in French) available from the Luxembourg Ministry of Health website. It must be completed and signed with your supporting documents attached.
  • Holders of qualifications awarded in a country other than Luxembourg must first request recognition of those qualifications:
     Ministère de l’Education Nationale
    et de la Formation Professionnelle
    29, rue Aldringen
    L-2926 Luxembourg
    You can apply for recognition of your qualifications via a form available (in French) for download from the Luxembourg Ministry of Education website. Only once you have received recognition of your qualifications can you apply for Authorisation to Practise, for which you can download a form (in French) here

    It must be completed and signed with your supporting documents attached.
  • First of all, you need to apply for a residence permit (including right to reside and, where applicable, right to work):
     Ministère des Affaires Etrangères
    Direction de l’Immigration
    12−16, avenue Monterey
    B.P. 752
    L-2017 Luxembourg