On this page, you will find all of the questions frequently received by our laboratory. However, if you cannot find the answer to your question, feel free to contact Ketterthill Laboratories on (+352) 488 288-1.

Preparing for your blood test

Specimen collection

  • Brave patients who like to watch their blood being taken sometimes worry that it is very dark.
    Not to worry − it’s normal! Your blood is dark because it is venous blood returning to the heart and contains very little oxygen.
    Arterial blood leaving the heart after being oxygenated in the lungs is rich in oxygen and therefore looks redder and not as dark.

    So, you have nothing to worry about! Blood is only bright red in films.

  • Before any urine test, please collect a sterile container from your doctor or our laboratory.

    General cases − mid-stream urine sample
    Please follow these steps in order:

    1. Wash your hands with soap
    2. Gently clean your genital area
    3. Open the sterile container provided
    4. Discard the first part of your urine stream in the toilet
    5. Collect your remaining urine, being careful not to touch the top edge of the container
    6. Close the container carefully and label it with your surname, first name and date of birth
    7. Drop off the sample as soon as possible at the laboratory. Beyond 30 minutes, keep it cool (between +4 °C and +8 °C)

    To help you get it right, a cartoon depicting these steps is available in the Useful documents area of our website.

    24-hour urine test
    The goal here is to collect all urine produced by the kidneys in a 24-hour period. Please follow these steps in order:

    1. When you wake up, empty your bladder and discard the first urine in the toilet
    2. From this moment, note down the time on the prescription. This is the start of the 24-hour period
    3. Use the container to collect all of your urine throughout the day and night. We recommend you keep it in a cool, dark place
    4. The next day, at the time you noted down, urinate one last time and collect the final urine
    5. Label the container with your surname, first name, date of birth and the time of the final collection noted on your prescription
    6. Bring the container to the laboratory within 24 hours after final urine collection

    To help you get it right, a cartoon depicting these steps is available in the Useful documents area of our website.

  • First of all, contact our laboratory to make an appointment on (+352) 488 288-560 and take note of the practical information regarding collection.

    1. At the appointment, you will be given a sterile container for collection of your sample, which will be performed on-site
    2. Enrichment will be carried out in our Fertility Department
    3. The enriched sample will then be placed in a suitable device for transport
    4. Come back to the laboratory at the time stated
    5. Take it to your doctor as soon as possible


  • For most routine tests, we guarantee doctors and patients availability of results on the same day after 15:00 if done in the morning.

    Certain tests may take longer, as is the case for bacteriological cultures, allergy testing or certain serological tests, for example. You will be told when to expect your results at the time of the test.

  • You have the following options for receiving your results:

    • Via our results serverfor patients and Cyberlab for doctors − available on our website or using our mobile app. Discover all the advantages of using our electronic results server.
    • In person − come to the blood collection centre with your CNS card, EHIC or ID
    • By post
  • No. For confidentiality reasons and in order to prevent transcription errors, results are never given over the phone.

  • When your results are available, you will be notified by SMS to go to our results server.
    This sms contains a link and an identifier enabling you to consult your results.
  • Yes, we can send you a duplicate by post to the address provided in your file.

  • Your results are deposited automatically on our results server.

    You will be notified by sms of each new results report that you have not yet consulted. Be sure to follow the link in the last sms sent.

    If your results are not notified within the announced timeframe, please do not hesitate to contact the laboratory on 488 288-1. 
  • Yes, we systematically send a copy of your results to your doctor.

Technical assistance

  • It's an online service created in 2008 and provided by Ketterthill Laboratories for patients. It offers you the opportunity to receive and view the results of your last medical test securely via a personal login system. 

    Your results server is available both via our website and from a smartphone or tablet.
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions to access the results. Your login is in the notification sms.
  • Contact our technical support team directly by phone on 488 288-001, who can send you an SMS with your login details.
  • If you encounter any technical problems with your account, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team on (+352) 488 288-001.

  • For tests which are not covered by the CNS, you can pay online directly via our website.
    You will need the invoice posted to you for your statement number and the amount due.

    Make sure you give us a valid e-mail address, as it will be used to send you confirmation that your payment has been successfully processed (your e-mail address will never be used for marketing purposes or communicated to third parties).