From the very beginning, Ketterthill Laboratorie have been committed to sustainable and lasting growth. In an effort to strike the right balance between economic development, respect for people and environmental protection, we have adopted a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach.

Social scope

Our work with the Luxembourg Bone Marrow Donor Association

Since 2011, our partnership with the Luxembourg Bone Marrow Donor Association has developed steadily in the pursuit of a common goal: informing and raising awareness among the public regarding the importance of bone marrow donation.

This partnership has paved the way for organising and participating in several events to promote the cause, such as Marrow Donor Day, Télévie and Health Day, to name but a few.


We actively support Boys’Day, the purpose of which is to host a group of school students at our laboratory. The day offers an opportunity for the staff in each department to present their work and show the different aspects of their jobs.

Regular hosting of students and trainees

We regularly host students as part of work placements to supplement their education, looking to hone their skills.

Corporate scope

Diversity within our teams

Our Human Resources policy focuses on promoting a multicultural working environment and makes diversity within our teams a top priority. We guarantee all of our employees equal treatment regarding recruitment, promotions, vocational training and working conditions.

Since 26 September 2012, we have been a signatory to the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg, which serves as a symbol of our internal commitment to combat all forms of discrimination.

Continuing vocational training

Our employees continuously attend technical training courses in an effort to maintain and enhance both their skills and the quality of their work. We also organise language courses based on the specific needs of each department.

All new employees complete a mandatory in-house training process, including familiarisation with our quality policy as well as hygiene and safety standards.

Safety in the workplace

We strive alongside our employees to ensure their day-to-day well-being in order to prevent and reduce occupational accidents. A risk management programme has been introduced and focuses on raising internal awareness of best practices regarding health and safety in the working environment.

Environmental scope

The consistent progress already achieved by Ketterthill Laboratories finds true meaning only where it reconciles our priorities in terms of business operation and respect for the environment.

We have formulated specific requirements with a view to minimising the harmful effects of our activities on the environment. This approach relies on the following:

  • reducing the use of energy and transport, as well as their impact
  • reducing and recovering waste
  • ecodesign, in particular by offering paperless e-services

SuperDrecksKëscht Label

Since June 2009, we have been awarded the SuperDrecksKëscht seal of approval, certifying our implementation of an environmentally friendly waste management plan applied to all of our blood collection centres and the laboratory’s technical platform.