Tests during pregnancy

Regular monitoring is necessary during pregnancy to improve your comfort and to prevent complications. 
In Luxembourg, pregnant women have at least 5 medical consultations during their pregnancy.
Your doctor will request regular laboratory tests 
to monitor your health and that of your unborn baby. 

Which tests are usually carried out and why ?

1. In some cases, the level of bêta-hCG which is the pregnancy hormone.
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2. Research of pathogens that could be dangerous for the foetus : 
_ Toxoplasmosis : Read more >
_ CMV : Read more >
_ Rubella : Read more >
_ Listeriosis : Read more >
_ Parvovirus B19 : Read more >
_Group B Streptococcus :  Read more >
Regular monitoring may be necessary. For example, a pregnant woman who is not immune to toxoplasmosis should be monitored for infection. 
If she is immune, the expectant mother has nothing to worry about.

3. Screening tests for Down’s syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities 

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4. IAS (Irregular Antibody Screening)

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5. Bacteria in the urine (CBEU) in the event of a suspected urinary tract infection.

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6. Sugar levels (OGTT*) : Sometimes during pregnancy, mothers-to-be can develop diabetes, which is called gestational diabetes because it occurs during pregnancy.
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*New ! OGTT by appointment.
7. Pre-eclampsia that could, in case of complications, lead to premature delivery

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Ketterthill pregnancy booklet

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