Nutrition during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the ideal time to adopt a healthy lifestyle  
and a balanced diet.

Eating a varied and balanced diet, while enjoying yourself, is essential.

Nutrition during pregnancy : What is changing ?

You should not eat for two, but eat regularly and prefer to have a snack at 10am and/or 4pm.

It is recommended to be careful with 2 infections, toxoplasmosis and listeriosis, there are others but they have a lesser impact.

How to protect yourself ? 

Pour votre protéger, il existe plusieurs règles et gestes d'hygiène à respecter durant la grossesse : 

_ Wash your hands well (before meals, during their preparation, after touching soiled objects)
_ Wash fruits and vegetables well
_ Cook all types of meat thoroughly, or freeze them at least 3 days before eating them
_ Clean kitchen utensils and work surfaces that have been contaminated by raw meat or vegetables
_ Do not eat raw seafood
_ When eating out, avoid raw vegetables and prefer cooked ones
_ Do not handle cat litter without gloves and do not store it in the kitchen
_ Do not garden without gloves and avoid direct contact with the soil
_ Clean and disinfect the refrigerator regularly
_ The temperature of the refrigerator should not exceed 4°C
_ Respect the cold chain
_ Pay close attention to the way food is stored and to its expiry date


What about food supplements ?

During pregnancy, the following food supplements can be offered to the mother-to-be : 

_ Folic acid (B9) : reduces the risk of neural tube defects (spina bifida).

_ Iron : in the event of a deficiency, it is also advisable to consume foods containing vitamin C, which allows better absorption of iron.

_ Vitamin D : recommended for women who do not get much sun exposure.

_ Calcium : in case of deficiency.

_Zinc, fluoride and other vitamin supplements have not been shown to be effective.

Do not take any supplements or medicines without the prior advice of your doctor ! 


Prohibitions during pregnancy

_Smoking should be avoided as it increases the risk of prematurity and low birth weight

_Alcohol passes directly into the foetal circulation

Ketterthill pregnancy booklet

Download the full Ketterthill pregnancy booklet and find all the details of your analyses during pregnancy !